Nasu Shiobara boasts a magnificent natural setting nestled in the Nasu Mountains, yet is only 70 minutes from Tokyo
Station on the Shinkansen bullet train, making it an easy and attractive location.
Nasu Bettei Kai is located in Nasu, which is famous as a long-established resort area due to the presence of the
Imperial Villa.
Here we introduce Nasu Bettei Kai.

Location of Nasu Bettei Kai

Nasu Bettei Kai
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It takes about 2 hours from Tokyo Station. Nasu Bettei Kai is also easily accessible, with a free shuttle bus
(*advance reservation required) to the nearest station, Nasu-Shiobara Station.
The inn is located halfway up the Nasu Mountain Range, where you can experience nature in all four seasons: cherry
blossoms in spring, fresh greenery in summer, autumn leaves in fall, and snow in winter.
With only nine guest rooms, each equipped with an open-air or half-open-air bath, and meals served in the room, this
is the perfect inn for a getaway.
You can enjoy your private time with your loved ones while receiving casual hospitality of a good old Japanese

Attractions of Nasu Bettei Kai

Nasu Bettei Kai
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All guest rooms feature a half-open-air bath in a suite-like setting.
For example, “No.4 [Sleeping & Zayu/Hot spring bath]” is a 94.5 square meter room with a living room with a
difference in elevation, and a sofa space leading to the terrace where you can sit back and enjoy the nature of
The hot water poured into the half-open-air bath in the room is clear and colorless “Daimaru Onsen” that springs
1,300 meters above sea level on the east side of “Chausudake,” the main peak of the Nasu Mountain Range.
You can enjoy the same spring water quality as the Nasu Imperial Villa all to yourself.

Rooms at Nasu Bettei Kai

No.2 (Japanese / Western style room / No children)

Nasu Bettei Kai
No.4 (Japanese/Western style room / No children)

Nasu Bettei Kai
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Nasu Bettei Kai Cuisine

Nasu Bettei Kai

Nasu Bettei Kai

Nasu Bettei Kai
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For dinner, the menu features dishes using seasonal ingredients unique to the area, such as Shinna chicken, young
sweetfish, and Nasu black beef.
The colorful vegetables that complement the carefully selected meat and fish are organically grown.
The chefs use these ingredients to create delicious and eye-catching Japanese cuisine that is like a momentary work
of art.

Nasu Bettei Kai Basic Information

Facility Name Nasu Bettei Kai
Address 206 Yumoto, Nasu-cho, Nasugun, Tochigi 325-0301
Phone number 0287-76-3180
Budget 2 persons/night: from 115.000 yen
Official Site


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Here we introduced Nasu Bettei Kai.
Nasu Bettei Kai” boasts a mysterious charm that regenerates the body and soul, and a cozy atmosphere where you can
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