Umitsubaki Hayama opened in 1999, facing the sea in Nanki-shu, Japan.
The architectural beauty of the building, which has received numerous architectural and design awards, is still alive and well, and has become even more attractive over the years, with an unchanging presence.
Here we introduce some of the attractions of Umitsubaki Hayama.

Location of Umitsubaki Hayama

Location of Umitsubaki Hayama
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Shirahama Onsen is located in Nanki-Shirahama, which is blessed with a mild climate throughout the year.
Tsubaki Onsen, located to the south of the hot spring, used to be a busy place for therapeutic baths.
Today, it is a quiet hot spring resort with only a few inns, one of which is Umitsubaki Hayama.
It is a 20-minute drive from Nanki-Shirahama Airport or JR Shirahama Station.
It is located on a rocky cliff that rises into the Pacific Ocean.
The red-tiled roofs and azure-colored walls of the inn’s exterior stand out against the blue sky, creating a unique atmosphere.

Attractions of Umitsubaki Hayama

Attractions of Umitsubaki Hayama
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The charm of Umitsubaki Hayama is its breathtaking ocean views.
All six rooms have a complete ocean view. When you open the door of your room, the ocean is designed to jump into your eyes, just like looking at a picture in a frame.
The wooden terrace leading out to the ocean is the first place you will want to go.
The view is spectacular because it is built on top of a cliff.
The red, pink, and orange sunsets.
The movement of the clouds.
The scent of the tide.
The sound of waves.
Watching the sea change its appearance from moment to moment, one feels a sense of peace and tranquility.

Rooms at Umitsubaki Hayama

Japanese-style room (for 2 persons) No smoking

Rooms at Umitsubaki Hayama
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Umitsubaki Hayama Cuisine

Umitsubaki Hayama Cuisine

Umitsubaki Hayama Cuisine

Umitsubaki Hayama Cuisine
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Enjoy your meals in your room with a view of the ocean.
A Japanese course meal centered on seafood from the Nanki region, such as whole, deep-fried fatty sardines.
The dishes are not fancy, but you can tell that they are carefully prepared.

Umitsubaki Hayama Basic Information

Facility Name Umitsubaki Hayama
Address 1063-20, Tsubaki, Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama 649-2326, Japan
Phone number 0739-46-0909
Budget 2 adults: from 53.000 yen
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Why don’t you enjoy the luxury of doing nothing at this inn?