The four-room inn “Bettei Yaeno” is located in Minakami at the foot of Mt.
The quiet time flows in the detached-style guest rooms surrounded by greenery, and you can spend a relaxing time while
enjoying seasonal kaiseki cuisine.
Here we introduce the charms of Bettei Yaeno and more.

Location of Bettei Yaeno

Bettei Yaeno
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Minakami Town is located at the northernmost tip of Gunma Prefecture, at the foot of Mt.
When you head toward Okutone Snow Park on Prefectural Route 63, known as the “Okutone Yukemuri Kaido,” you will see
the serene appearance of “Villa Yaeno.
Once you pass through the entrance, you will find yourself in a quiet space as if the hustle and bustle of the
previous days were a lie. There are four guest rooms.
All of them are detached. Except for a small lounge, there are no public spaces such as a front desk or lobby, so you
will never meet other guests.

Attractions of Bettei Yaeno

Bettei Yaeno
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The charm of the villa Yaeno is its warmth-filled apartments with terraces and half-open-air baths.
You will never want to leave your room.
One of the reasons for this level of comfort is the charm of the detached rooms.
While the size and design of the rooms vary, they all share the same terrace and deck, creating a spacious and
relaxing atmosphere.
All of the apartments come with their own private half-open-air baths, so you can enjoy a relaxing and leisurely stay.

Rooms at Bettei Yaeno

Sakura Separated guest room with half-rotemburo

Bettei Yaeno
Hanamomo Separated guest room with half-open-air bath

Bettei Yaeno
Walnut Separated guest room with half open-air bath

Bettei Yaeno
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Bettei Yaeno Cuisine

Bettei Yaeno

Bettei Yaeno

Bettei Yaeno
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The dishes are freshly prepared using the best local ingredients of the season.
Masuda beef, for example, is raised at the foot of Mt.
Ginhikari,” known as a high-grade rainbow trout, and other river fish such as iwana (char) and ayu (sweetfish).
Mushrooms are gathered by mushroom masters.
As we head into winter, the season of Shimonita leeks with their melt-in-your-mouth sweetness is just around the
corner. A variety of dishes that will make you realize that you have visited Mizukami will be the best treat of your

Bettei Yaeno Basic Information

Facility Name Bettei Yaeno
Address 356, Tsunako, Minakami-cho, Tone-gun, Gunma 379-1725
Phone number 0278-72-1266
Budget 2 adults: from 72.000 yen
Official Site


How was it?
Here we have introduced you to Bettei Yaeno.
The season of beautiful snowfall is here.
If your room is equipped with a half-open-air bath, you will be able to enjoy a snowy bath without difficulty.
Why not visit Yaeno for yourself?