Kimuraya, which opened in March 2022 in front of Yubatake in Kusatsu Onsen, is an ultra-modern inn that one would not expect from its Japanese-style name.
Designed by Kengo Kuma, the interior is quite unique, as is the exterior, which is unforgettable upon first glance.
It has already become a hot topic of conversation among visitors to Kusatsu.
Here, we introduce the charm of Kimuraya and more.

Location of Kimuraya

Location of Kimuraya
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Makimuraya is located not “near” but “right in front” of Yubatake.
From the second floor of the inn, you can look down on the entire view of Yubatake, a huge source of white steam rising from the hot spring.
The name “Kimuraya” is said to be the name of a ryokan that the owner’s grandmother used to run in Kusatsu.
What is striking is the deformed appearance. It is all black.
The exterior walls are lined with stones, as if one were looking at an avant-garde installation.
According to Kengo Kuma, who designed the building, the design concept is “a three-dimensional representation of a hot spring field.
The stones on the walls are asama stones that were found lying in the hot spring fields.
The stone is used not only for the exterior walls, but also for the interior design.

Attractions of Kimuraya

Attractions of Kimuraya
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The charm of Kimuraya is that you can fully enjoy the hot spring at this artistic inn, which is limited to one guest per day.
For example, countless roof tiles adorn the walls, and the washbasin has a staircase-like bottom.
The most surprising feature of the inn is that the hot water is not drawn from the hot-spring fields in front of the inn, but from the Shirahata hot-spring, which is located a short distance away.
If you are a Kusatsu onsen connoisseur, you may have noticed that the water is cloudy.
In fact, Shirahata Souce of Spring is the only cloudy water among Kusatsu’s main sources.
Moreover, there are only a few facilities that draw hot water from the source, even in Kusatsu, where there are many inns.
The spring water is “acidic, sulfur containing, aluminum sulfate, and chloride onsen” and is highly acidic.
The water is highly acidic, and as you can clearly see when you enter the hot spring, your skin feels a little tingly.
Combined with the unique smell, it is sure to make you feel like you are in a hot spring.

Rooms at Kimuraya

Guest rooms with free-flowing hot-spring water

Rooms at Kimuraya
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Kimuraya Cuisine

Kimuraya Cuisine

Kimuraya Cuisine

Kimuraya Cuisine
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The first floor is a tempura restaurant and the inn is on the second floor.
The basic plan is to stay overnight with no meal, but a dinner plan is also available, and you can enjoy a special tempura course at the tempura restaurant on the first floor.

Kimuraya Basic Information

Facility Name Kimuraya
Address 117-1, Kusatsu, Kusatsu-cho, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma 377-1711
Phone number 0279-82-5920
Budget From 110.000 yen for 2 adults
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How was it?
Here we introduced Kimuraya.
A hot spring lover and a design lover.
Kimuraya, the perfect inn for such people, does not allow elementary school students and younger to stay.
I want to see and feel the charm of Kusatsu.
We recommend this inn to such couples.