I want to immerse myself in the atmosphere of an old onsen town that still retains the atmosphere of an old onsen.
But you prefer a modern and stylish type of inn.
Both of these wishes can be fulfilled at once at Kusatsu Onsen Jion Kei.
This is the latest inn to open in Kusatsu Onsen this August.
Here, we introduce the charm of Jiong and more.

Location of Kei

Location of Kei
Source : https://www.ikyu.com/00002594/

One of the symbols of Kusatsu Onsen is the “hot-spring field” with its billowing steam.
Recently, the number of young people visiting the hot springs has been increasing.
Jion is located along Jizo Street, about a 3-minute walk from Yubatake.
Among the new inns that have recently opened one after another in Kusatsu Onsen, this inn boasts an outstanding design.
From the moment one enters the lobby, one is immediately struck by the modern space with its subdued color scheme and extensive use of indirect lighting.
It is a luxury inn that has never been seen in Kusatsu Onsen before.

Attractions of Kei

Attractions of Kei
Source : https://www.ikyu.com/00002594/

Jiong has adopted a Japanese auberge style that aims for the trinity of a cozy stay, great hot springs, and delicious meals.
As for the hot springs, instead of having large baths, they have three private baths, which are quite stylish!
You can enjoy the cloudy Jizo source, the clear Bandai-ko source, and the Jizo source consisting of three bathtubs of different temperatures, each in its own artistic space.
Another attraction is the spacious rooms, all seven of which are over 70 square meters in size.
The rooms blend traditional craftsmanship with modern sensibilities to create a beautiful space.

Rooms at Kei

Non-smoking] C02 (70 square meters, with balcony, maisonette type)

Rooms at Kei
Non-smoking] A-02 (75 square meters, with balcony)

Rooms at Kei
Non-smoking] B-02 (75 square meters with balcony)

Rooms at Kei
Source : https://www.ikyu.com/00002594/

Kei Cuisine

Kei Cuisine
Source : https://www.ikyu.com/00002594/

Restaurant “Kei” also has an interior with a sense of art.
The cuisine here is characterized by the use of a variety of cooking methods, while still being based on Japanese cuisine.
The ingredients used are all from the Kusatsu area, including mushrooms, wild vegetables, Akagi beef, and Akagi chicken, just to name a few.
It is a great pleasure for travelers to be able to enjoy these seasonal delicacies in a variety of cooking methods.

Kei Basic Information

Facility Name Kei
Address 297, Kusatsu, Kusatsu-cho, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma 377-1711
Phone number 0279-82-1800
Budget 2 adults: from 99.000 yen
Official Site https://kei-kusatsu.com/


How was it?
Here we have introduced Kusatsu Onsen Jion Kei.
For those who want to immerse themselves in the most luxurious and extraordinary experience in Kusatsu.
Your wish will surely come true at Kusatsu Onsen Jion Kei-.