The Kouunkan Inn consists of only ten rooms.
It is a popular inn where you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in the historic and famous hot
spring of Ikaho and its elegant setting.
Here, we introduce the charms of the Kouunkan Inn.

Location of Kouunkan

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The stone steps that have been carved over 400 years in Ikaho, Gunma Prefecture, invite travelers to enjoy the
atmosphere of the area.
The Kouunkan is located not far from the stone step street, the symbol of Ikaho Onsen.
Just by looking at the imposing gate with its castle-wall-style wall, one can feel the anticipation of a special stay.
Once you step into the lobby, you will be gently welcomed by the bright beige and white wood interior and furnishings.
The classical setting is chic and elegant, with soft carpets, high ceilings, and a skillful fusion of Japanese and
Western styles.

Attractions of Kouunkan

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With a total of 10 rooms, the small luxury inn brings the traditional Japanese aesthetic of “flower,” “bird,” and
“wind” into the present.
The inn boasts a luxurious structure with a shoin attached to every room and a cypress indoor and outdoor bath.
Sculptures and other works of art and crafts associated with the name of each room are painstakingly created by
artists from Japan and abroad.
The attention to quality can be felt down to the smallest detail.
Another attraction is the “Golden Hot Spring,” which is available only at eight hot-spring bathhouses in Ikaho.
The “golden hot water,” whose color changes when exposed to air due to the iron it contains, is rich in beneficial
properties and soft to the touch with little irritation.

Rooms at Kouunkan

Hana, Tori, Kaze, Tsuki” Honma 1 with open-air bath

Lacquer with open-air bath, 10 mats in the main room + 4.5 mats in the irori

Pine, bamboo, plum, and bamboo blind Honma 8 mats + 8 mats (2 rooms) or Honma 14 mats (1 room)

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Kouunkan Cuisine



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At the inn, you can enjoy Japanese cuisine that is designed to “play with the senses” in terms of taste, texture,
aroma, presentation, and serving utensils.
Using carefully selected ingredients from all over Japan, including local specialties from Gunma Prefecture, the
dishes are reminiscent of “ephemeral art,” and the more you bite into a dish, the more the flavor spreads in your
The time to enjoy a meal while talking with your loved ones is something that is unexpectedly hard to find in the
hectic pace of daily life.
It is likely that you will rediscover the pleasure and appreciation of “food” that nurtures life.

Kouunkan Basic Information

Facility Name Kouunkan
Address 175-1 Ikaho, Ikaho-cho, Shibukawa-shi, Gunma 377-0102
Phone number 0279-72-5501
Budget 2 persons: from 47.000 yen
Official Site

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How was it?
Here we have introduced the Kouunkan.
The “golden hot water” that has been continuously gushing forth has healed many travelers.
Why don’t you awaken your gentle and delicate nature by being surrounded by the historic and famous hot water,
luxurious facilities, and attentive hospitality?