There is an inn quietly tucked away in the midst of a vast deciduous forest, and the trees show visitors to the inn their seasonal expressions, which is Kurokawa Onsen Ryokan Sanga.
As the sun sets, the area is enveloped in soft light, creating a magical world that differs from that of the day.
Here we introduce the charm of Kurokawa Onsen Ryokan Sanga.

Location of Ryokan Sanga

Kurokawa Onsen Ryokan Sanga
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The scenery of Japanese inns lining the banks of the clear Kurokawa River is like stepping back in time to the good old days.
The hot spring resort town, with its tranquil atmosphere reminiscent of the spiritual hometown of the Japanese, stirs the nostalgia of many travelers.
Among the calm Kurokawa Hot Spring Resort, “Kurokawa Onsen Ryokan Sanga,” an inn nestled in a wooded area, is especially popular for its tranquil atmosphere.
Many repeat guests visit to feel the delicate and vivid seasons in the 16 guest rooms, where they can feel the breath of nature up close.

Attractions of Ryokan Sanga

Kurokawa Onsen Ryokan Sanga
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The inn has many attractions, such as relaxing guest rooms and delicious meals, but the “seven hot springs” that blend into the forest are especially popular.
Visitors can enjoy a hot spring tour while staying at the inn by visiting the hot springs scattered throughout the vast grounds of 3,000 tsubo.
The greatest feature is that the inn has two sources of hot spring water: “Yakushi no Yu,” a simple sulfur spring, and “Mihama no Yu,” a hot spring for beautiful skin that contains sodium chloride, hydrogen carbonate, and sulfate springs.
In the large “Yakushi no Yu” baths, which are separate for men and women, the hot spring water is free-flowing and gently warms the skin and body from the core.
The “Moyai-no-yu” is a mixed bathing open-air bath where you can almost hear the whispering of the trees.
The clear bluish water can also be enjoyed as an utase (a kind of hot spring bath), and is said to be popular among hot spring fans.

Rooms at Ryokan Sanga

[Standard] Main building type

Kurokawa Onsen Ryokan Sanga
West Wing 8 mats [with private hewn stone bath] “Norshiki”, “Hanging flower”.

Kurokawa Onsen Ryokan Sanga
West wing 8 mats “Hisakaki” with private hewn stone bath

Kurokawa Onsen Ryokan Sanga
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Ryokan Sanga Cuisine

Kurokawa Onsen Ryokan Sanga

Kurokawa Onsen Ryokan Sanga

Kurokawa Onsen Ryokan Sanga
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Dinner is served in the dark-wood dining room “Gathering of Trees”.
Starting with an aperitif of the season, the menu features authentic Japanese cuisine including seasonal vegetables and sashimi.
You will be impressed by the dishes that skillfully bring out the best of specially selected ingredients, such as vegetables nurtured in the rich nature of Aso, wild salmon and other river fish raised in the clear waters of the Aso River, and Aso red beef.

Ryokan Sanga Basic Information

Facility Name Ryokan Sanga
Address 6961-1 Manganji, Minami-Oguni, Aso-gun, Kumamoto 869-2402, Japan
Phone number 0967-44-0906
Budget From 39.600 yen for 2 adults
Official Site


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