Nazuna Obi Castle Town Onsen, an old samurai residence, has been renovated into a luxurious and clean accommodation
Completely renovated, it is an open space where you can relax in comfort.
This section introduces the appeal of the Nazuna Obi Castle Town Onsen.

Location of Nazuna

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Obi is located approximately one hour by car from Miyazaki Airport. Obi is located on the banks of the meandering Sake
Valley River and is called Kyushu’s “little Kyoto.
The “Nazuna Obi Castle Town Hot Spring” is a completely renovated samurai residence that once stood under Obi Castle.
In March 2020, it was given a new lease of life as an accommodation facility.
Step inside and take a look at the face of the Obi stone wall.
The white noren curtains sway in the wind.
The white noren curtain shimmers in the wind, giving it an air of dignity.

Attractions of Nazuna

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The appeal of Nazuna Obi Castle Town Onsen is not only the historical buildings, but also the comfort of the rooms.
Every room has an open-air bath, and hot water is brought in daily from the nearby Kitago Hot Springs.
If privacy is more important to you, we recommend the detached “Koke – Luxury Twin”.
As the name suggests, there is a moss terrarium in the center of the room!
Obi is the only place in the world known to have a moss laboratory.

Rooms at Nazuna

Deluxe King – Cedar – with open-air bath

Deluxe King – Chaki – with open-air bath

Luxury King -Honmurasaki – with open-air bath

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Nazuna Cuisine



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For dinner, enjoy seasonal kaiseki cuisine at the restaurant “Kian Ichino”, which is a 3-minute walk from the inn and
is housed in a 100+ year old house.
Breakfast is served in your room.
The basic dish is a special ochazuke Japanese-style meal.
It has a variety of ingredients and seems to fit easily in your stomach.

Nazuna Basic Information

Facility Name Nazuna
Address 8-1-62 Obi, Nichinan City, Miyazaki Prefecture, 889-2535
Phone number 0987-27-3171
Budget 2 persons/night: 68.400 yen and up
Official Site


How was it?
This page introduces the Nazuna Obi Castle Town Hot Springs.
Obi Castle ruins and the Obi Castle Historical Museum are good places to learn about Obi’s history, and you can also
try the “shihan-tachi” method of archery, where you sit and shoot arrows.
We hope you enjoy your stay in Obi.