Hotel Koo is a renovated machiya townhouse scattered along the arcaded shopping street and the old Tokaido Highway in
the central city center of Otsu.
Seven old machiya houses, more than 100 years old, have been comfortably renovated to be used for the next 100 years
and transformed into a popular hotel.
Here we introduce the charm of Hotel Koo.

Location of Hotel Koo

Hotel Koo
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Hotel Koo Otsu Hyakucho is located in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, just two train stops from JR Kyoto Station.
Based on the concept of “stay, eat, drink, and shop in town,” this luxury machiya hotel is housed in seven renovated
machiya townhouses that are over 100 years old in Otsu City.
Ltd., which publishes the magazine “Jiyujin” and operates “Satoyama Jucho” in Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture,
and Taniguchi Corporation, a Shiga Prefecture-based wooden house specialty store, were involved in the project. The
guest rooms, renovated from historic townhouses, are lavishly furnished with masterpieces of Scandinavian furniture by
“Hans Wegner,” “Arne Jacobsen,” “Finn Juhl,” and others. Insulation and soundproofing have also been reviewed to
maximize comfort and design.

Attractions of Hotel Koo

Hotel Koo
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The attraction is the suites that can be rented as if you were living in the shopping arcade.
The “Kagiya” is located right behind the hotel-type “Omiya” and “Chaya,” while the remaining four buildings are
located in the arcade shopping arcade, allowing guests to stay as if they were living in Otsu while feeling truly
close to the lives of the people of the city.
Suzuya” is also located next to “Tanimume Suisan,” a restaurant specializing in river fish. Other nearby restaurants
include “Motosan,” a butcher shop popular for its 40-yen croquettes, and “Yaoyo,” a long-established pickle shop, so
you will have no trouble finding dinner.
Each has a bedroom with a small study at the end of the porch, and a Japanese-style room on the second floor that
looks like a hideaway, giving you a sense of care and playfulness.

Rooms at Hotel Koo

Beautiful light from the window Teahouse 102 Standard twin/no bathtub

Hotel Koo
Registered Cultural Property Machiya Omiya 203 Superior Twin

Hotel Koo
Registered Cultural Property Machiya Omiya 201 Superior Twin

Hotel Koo
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Hotel Koo Cuisine

Hotel Koo
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If you make a reservation in advance, you can have breakfast in the dining room of “Omiya”.
The main dish is “Unagi Chazuke (eel stew)” using eels from Tanimume Suisan, a river fish specialty restaurant located
in Nagatodo Shopping Street.
The stacked boxes are filled with a variety of small bowls, including red konnyaku, a local Shiga food, yuba (bean
curd), and shrimp beans.
The pickles are from Yaoyo, a long-established pickle store in the shopping arcade that is under the Imperial
Household Agency’s warrant. It is a pleasure to actually be able to have something from the store we visited on our
shopping street tour.

Hotel Koo Basic Information

Facility Name Hotel Koo
Address 1-2-6 Chuo, Otsu-shi, Shiga 520-0043
Phone number 0570-001-810
Budget 2 adults from 20.000
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