Geihanro was established in 1919. In 2009, when the bonfires of the cormorant fishing season were lit, Geihanro was
revived as an inn with all rooms having a half-open-air bath and a limited number of 10 rooms.
Here we introduce the charms of Geihanro.

Location of Akariya Geihanro

Akariya Geihanro
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Touya Geihanro, established in 1919 in a place rich in history, has long been revered as a culturally fragrant inn
loved by writers and artists.
In July 2017, this famous ryokan was reborn as an inn where all rooms have a half-open-air bath.
Located by the Kiso River at the foot of Inuyama Castle, the inn has already attracted many guests with its perfect
location overlooking both the famous castle and the gentle flow of the river.
With only 10 guest rooms, all of which are suites, the hotel is a luxury structure.
The spaciously arranged interiors and the spectacular views from the large windows will leave you feeling liberated.

Attractions of Akariya Geihanro

Akariya Geihanro
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Gazing at the magnificent scenery while enjoying the gentle breeze on the terrace…that alone must make you feel
that coming to this inn is worth it.
The “River Luxury Suites” are corner rooms where you can feel the flow of the river, so you can see both the castle,
a national treasure, and the flow of the Kiso River.
The terrace of the Castle Luxury Suite, the special room closest to the castle, offers a view of Inuyama Castle and
its gardens up close. 
The hot water that fills the open-air baths in the rooms is alkaline, named after the famous castle, and is
especially popular among female guests for making their skin smooth and smooth.
The hot spring is rich in beneficial effects such as oversensitivity to cold, muscle pain, and chronic digestive

Rooms at Akariya Geihanro

Japanese Modern Deluxe Suite

Akariya Geihanro
Inuyama Deluxe Suite

Akariya Geihanro
KISO Premium Suite

Akariya Geihanro
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Akariya Geihanro Cuisine

Akariya Geihanro

Akariya Geihanro

Akariya Geihanro
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Enjoy dinner at the “Iroha Ugen” dining room.
Local specialties are served in abundance at the dining table.
For example, “Inuyama’s tofu,” made using a special method of producing soybeans, and “Inuyama’s sashimi konnyaku,”
with its mouthwatering aroma of green laver, are representative of the local products.
In addition, fresh vegetables grown in the local Owari and Mino areas, and brand-name Hida beef are also used to
create Japanese dishes that are sure to please the eye.

Akariya Geihanro Basic Information

Facility Name Akariya Geihanro
Address 41-6 Inuyama Kitakoten, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture, 484-0082, Japan
Phone number 0568-61-2204
Budget 2 adults: from 90.200 yen
Official Site

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