Surrounded by rocky mountains, tea plantations, and only a few farmhouses, it is a peaceful village.
Just in front of the inn, the beautiful Makihara Valley continues, and the inn is a bit removed from the hot spring
resort area, becoming one with the farming village.
Hazu Gassho is located in the midst of this mysterious and relaxing scenery.
Here we introduce the charm of Hazu Gassho.

Location of Hazu Gassho

Hazu Gassho
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Hazu Gassho, a 200-year-old gassho-zukuri inn relocated from the World Heritage Site of Etchu Yatsuo, stands in a
gentle landscape that seems to reflect the sincerity of Japan.
The inn is cozy, with only five guests per day.
That is why its attentive hospitality is so popular among guests.
You can spend a moment to heal your mind and body while carefully preserving the rustic atmosphere.

Attractions of Hazu Gassho

Hazu Gassho
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There are only five guest rooms.
Surrounded by rich nature, you can enjoy a quiet stay.
The guest rooms, which are two-story gassho (palms), make the most of the historical architecture and offer an
extraordinary experience that you cannot experience every day.
Each room has a living room and a bedroom, and is built like an independent villa, so you can maintain a sense of
The “Wabisuke” and “Hanaikada” suites are ideal for those who want to relax in the comfort of their own room.

Rooms at Hazu Gassho

Rooms are at your disposal

Hazu Gassho
Yamaboshi / Japanese-style room 10 tatami mats with desk

Hazu Gassho
Japanese/Western style room (Nininshi, Sagisou) / Experience the Gassho-Zukuri attic

Hazu Gassho
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Hazu Gassho Cuisine

Hazu Gassho

Hazu Gassho

Hazu Gassho
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The chef, who was trained in Kyoto and Nara, has fallen in love with the Okumikawa region and has put his heart and
soul into his cuisine, which he calls “shindo-fujiwa kaiseki.
The chef personally picks wild plants, as well as rockfish and wild boar meat nurtured in the Makihara Valley, and
their nourishing flavors are a unique treat that cannot be found in the city.
The surrounding nature is also used in the preparation of the dishes.
The lovely wild flowers and grasses that live in the vicinity of the inn will relax your mind.

Hazu Gassho Basic Information

Facility Name Hazu Gassho
Address 18-1 Minamidaira, Toyooka, Shinshiro, Aichi 441-1631, Japan
Phone number 0536-32-1211
Budget From 44.000 yen for 2 adults
Official Site


How was it?
Here we introduced Hazu Gassho.
Hazu Gassho is a gassho-zukuri inn that blends into the nostalgic countryside.
In this majestic yet warm historical building, why don’t you enjoy the “luxury of doing nothing” and recharge your
batteries for the day ahead?