Biwako Hotel is a resort hotel where you can enjoy the lake view from your guest room.
It is a popular hotel where you can relax in your room while enjoying the view of Lake Biwa spread out before you.
Here we introduce the charm of Biwako Hotel and other attractions.

Location of Biwako Hotel

Biwako Hotel
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Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, occupies about one-sixth of Shiga Prefecture.
Biwako Hotel is located on the shore of the lake with a view of Lake Biwa, which is filled with water and
beautiful seasonal scenery woven by nature.
Taking advantage of the hotel’s location, all rooms have a lake view.
The 175 guest rooms, each equipped with a balcony, are divided into categories with different designs and concepts.

Attractions of Biwako Hotel

Biwako Hotel
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We recommend the luxury floor “Aqua” on the top 12 and 11 floors in October 2015.
With cork tile floors and a blue interior with a “water” theme, the rooms have a cozy atmosphere that combines
serenity and a resort feel.
Special amenities only available at Aqua, foot massage machines, wireless portable speakers, and other exclusive
rental goods are also available to provide you with extraordinary luxury in a top-class space overlooking Lake Biwa in
the distance.

Rooms at Biwako Hotel

Superior Floor “Natura” 33sqm with lake view terrace

Biwako Hotel
Superior Floor “Natura” 40sqm with lake view terrace

Biwako Hotel
Deluxe Floor “Lumina” 30sqm with lake view terrace

Biwako Hotel
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Biwako Hotel Cuisine

Biwako Hotel

Biwako Hotel

Biwako Hotel
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The blessings of nature, including Lake Biwa, are not only seen in the scenery but also in the food.
Each of the hotel’s restaurants offers a variety of dishes that incorporate ingredients from the lake and the rich
natural environment of the satoyama under the theme of “local production for local consumption” and “respect local”.
The “Japanese Cuisine Ohmi,” which reopened in July 2016, offers a particularly “Shiga-like” dining experience.
The restaurant offers a variety of gorgeous dishes using Lake Biwa Hachin (lake fish) and ingredients from the lake
country, delighting both the eyes and the palate.

Biwako Hotel Basic Information

Facility Name Biwako Hotel
Address 2-40 Hamacho, Otsu-shi, Shiga 520-0041
Phone number 077-524-1255
Budget 2 adults: from 22.000 yen
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