Kaminoyama Onsen Japan no Yado Koyo is a hot spring inn located in Kaminoyama City, Yamagata Prefecture.

Speaking of Kaminoyama City, there are many places of interest unique to the area, such as Kaminoyama Onsen, which has more than 20 hot spring inns including Furugyo, and Rina World, an amusement park called the largest in the Tohoku region.

What kind of onsen ryokan is Koyo, a part of the more than two dozen inns in the Kaminoyama Onsen area?

In this article, we will introduce its location, charm and overview.

Location of Koyo, a part of Kaminoyama Onsen Japan

Kaminoyama Onsen Japan no Yado Kokugama
Source : https://www.ikyu.com/

Kaminoyama Onsen Nihon no Yado Koyo, located in Kaminoyama City, Yamagata Prefecture, is a hot spring inn with a history of over 560 years since its opening.

It takes about 3 hours from Tokyo Station via the Yamagata Shinkansen and about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Sendai Station.

The area is dotted with many sightseeing spots where you can enjoy the great nature and gourmet foods of Yamagata Prefecture.

Places such as Zao Iroha-numa and Namettsu-Ōtaki, the sacred site for lovers, for great nature, and the Rokumori Coffee Roasting Factory and Sumocchi for gourmet food are also available.

All of these are places you will want to stop at when you come to Kaminoyama Onsen, which you will have to access by car.

Some of the guest rooms are located in perfect locations where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains in the Zao mountain range, so there is no lack of scenic beauty.

The Charm of Koyo, Kami-no-Yama Onsen Japan’s Inn

Kogama Onsen (noon)

Kogama Onsen (Night)
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Kami no Yama Onsen Nihon no Yado Koyo offers a hot spring that contains sodium, calcium, chloride, and sulfate, which is called a “makeup hot spring”.

It’s a fascinating hot spring that women and other beauty-conscious men and women come to bathe in, as it’s considered one of the three most beautiful springs in Japan.

At the large bathhouse with a great view, at night you can see the night sky full of stars and the Zao mountain range and the night view of the Mt.

Of course, if it is daytime, the dynamic scale of the Zao mountain range and the Kamiyama mountains will be easily burned into your eyes.

In addition to that, there are other unique bathhouses such as the “BENIHANA BUBU” barrel-shaped open-air bath, so this is a hot spring spot that has its own charm.

Kaminoyama Onsen Japanese Inn, Old Kiln Room

Room with Open-air Bath
A guest room with an open-air bath

Japanese style room 10+6 tatami
10+6 tatami mats Japanese style room

Western Style Single
Western-style single rooms

VIP Room
noble’s room
Source : https://www.koyoga.com/

Kami-no-Yama Onsen Nihon no Yado Koyo has three types of rooms: “half open-air bath guest rooms” that create a relaxing space based on the theme of snow, “guest rooms with open-air bath on the 6th floor” characterized by the source of the spring water called “Bijin-no-yu” and a high-quality space with a sense of openness, “guest rooms with open-air bath in the saryo” that harmonize with nature and the view of the garden and Yamagata spread out in front of the hotel. We offer four different types of guest rooms with open-air baths, including the beautiful “Saryo Room with Open-air Bath Premium”.

There are three different room types available for different occasions, such as a Japanese-style room for those who want to relax and enjoy the scenery of Yamagata, a Western-style room for those who want to relax on a Western-style bed with familiar bedding, and a guest room for those who want to enjoy the panoramic view of the Zao mountain range from the top floor.

Kaminoyama Onsen Japan-no-Yado Koyo no Dishes

Old-fashioned kaiseki cuisine
set of dishes served on an individual basis

Old Kiln Pudding
kiln pudding

Source : https://www.koyoga.com/

At Koyo, you can experience with all five senses the three winds of climate, scenery, and flavor that can only be experienced in Yamagata.

The ingredients we use include safe and secure local vegetables grown organically and with reduced pesticides, Yonezawa beef with a smooth texture, and the new rice, Tsuya-hime, which has the inherent flavor and sweetness of rice, and other carefully selected ingredients that can be provided only in Yamagata Prefecture, along with seasonal changes.

There is no compromise on the after-dinner sweets either, with the old kiln’s special “Kama Pudding” made with an abundance of egg yolks from Zao’s local chicken eggs. The kiln pudding, which is more than just soft-serve ice cream, is finished with a Japanese taste that gives you a real sense of the natural surroundings, and by dipping in caramel sauce, you can enjoy two different tastes.

Kaminoyama Onsen Nihon no Yado Koyo’s basic information

Facility Name Nihon no Yado Koyo
Address 5-20 Hayama, Ueyama City, Yamagata Prefecture
Telephone Number 023-672-5454
Budget About 18,000 yen per person
Official website https://www.koyoga.com/


What did you think? In this article, we have introduced the location and charm of Kaminoyama Onsen Nihon no Yado Koyo and its overview.

It may be said that the onsen popular with both men and women is a trace of the history of the Nihon no Yado Koyo that has been accumulated in the 560 years since its opening.

You can enjoy sightseeing, pursue beauty, and enjoy the scenery, and all the attractions of a hot spring resort are packed here.

Why don’t you take this opportunity to visit Japan’s oldest hot spring resort, Koyo?