One minute on foot from Yubatake, one of the most famous spots in Kusatsu Onsen. Naraya is a long-established
Japanese-style inn full of historical atmosphere.
The inn is popular for its wide variety of room types and 24-hour free-flowing “Shirahata-no-yu” hot-spring water,
which can accommodate various types of travelers.
Here we introduce the charm of Naraya.

Location of Naraya

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Naraya” is located about a minute’s walk from “Yubatake” (hot spring field).
It has been watching over the symbol of Kusatsu Onsen for more than 140 years.
At the entrance, there is a noren curtain with “Yuyado” written on it, and covered lanterns on either side.
The entrance is decorated with a noren (a traditional Japanese blind curtain) with “Yuyado” written on it, and covered
lanterns on either side.
Inside the inn, guests do not wear slippers, but rather bare feet.
The feeling of openness and direct contact with the tatami mats and the floor evoke forgotten Japanese emotions.

Attractions of Naraya

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The attraction of Naraya is the Shirahata Souce of Spring, the oldest in Kusatsu, which is managed by the “Yumori”
(guardian of hot spring water).
Naraya draws from the Shirahata Souce of Spring, which gushes out on the southwest side of the hot-spring field.
The Shirahata Souce of Spring is one of the oldest hot springs in Kusatsu, and is said to have been discovered and
bathed in by Minamoto no Yoritomo.
You can enjoy this hot spring water to your heart’s content in the indoor and outdoor baths in the large public
bathhouse, as well as in the private baths.
What sets Naraya apart from other onsen ryokan is the presence of “yumamori,” or hot-spring guardians. The baths are
always at their best, regardless of the daily temperature and weather conditions, because the “Yumamori” adjusts the
temperature of the hot water being poured into the baths. You can feel the spirit of hospitality in every detail.

Rooms at Naraya

Japanese-style room 10 tatami mats

Western Style Room Utsugi] Spacious and roomy single room

Japanese-style room + Western-style bed room

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Naraya Cuisine



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The seasonal kaiseki cuisine, which uses local ingredients in abundance and makes the most of seasonal ingredients,
will bring your guests to a moment of mouth-watering pleasure.
If the timing is right, you can even enjoy Gunma Prefecture’s brand beef, “Jyoshu Beef.
The beef has a good amount of fat around the lean meat, and you can taste the flavor of the high-quality beef with a
light and refreshing taste.

Naraya Basic Information

Facility Name Naraya
Address 396, Kusatsu, Kusatsu-cho, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma 377-1711, Japan
Phone number 0279-88-2311
Budget From 63.000 yen for 2 adults
Official Site


How was it?
Here we introduced Naraya.
Naraya is a long-established ryokan in Kusatsu, only 3 hours from Tokyo Station.
Why not visit Naraya to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and refresh your body and soul?