Tsutsujitei stands on a 5,000-tsubo site.
It is an inn nestled close to nature where guests can enjoy the natural forest of approximately 3,000 tsubo as a
garden full of wild beauty.
Here we introduce the charm of Tsutsujitei.

Location of Tsutsujitei

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Tsutsujitei is an inn with only 10 rooms per day, located in Kusatsu, Gunma Prefecture, one of the best hot spring
resorts in Japan.
The hotel is located on a 5,000-tsubo site with a 3,000-tsubo natural forest as a garden, where you can enjoy the
seasonal scenery.
It takes about 6 minutes by free shuttle bus from the Kusatsu Bus Terminal.
The hotel is located away from the hustle and bustle of the hot spring resort area and is surrounded by trees on three

Attractions of Tsutsujitei

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With only 10 guest rooms, Tsutsujitei offers a warm Japanese atmosphere.
Among them, we especially recommend the two “Irori-no-Ma” and “Fireplace-No-Ma” rooms in the “Special Room with a
separate house and a half open-air bath with free-flowing hot water.
The “Irori-no-Ma” room, as the name suggests, is equipped with a sunken hearth and consists of two other
Japanese-style rooms and a sun room.
The two special rooms are equipped with a half-open-air bath whose windows can be opened and closed.
The bath water is luxuriously free-flowing hot-spring water. You can enjoy this unique bathing experience with a view
of the garden that is the pride of the inn.
The inn also has a large bathhouse, Urara no Yu, where you can soak in the hot water while enjoying the view of a
natural forest, and is equipped with a granite indoor bath and an open-air bath made entirely of hinoki cypress.
You can enjoy Kusatsu’s famous hot water in a variety of situations.

Rooms at Tsutsujitei

Main building] Japanese-style room 12.5 mats + Japanese-style room 6 mats with indoor hot spring bath

Japanese-style room 12.5 mats+bedroom with indoor hot spring bath

Japanese-style room 10 + 6 mats with half open-air bath

Source : https://www.ikyu.com/00001554/

Tsutsujitei Cuisine



Source : https://www.ikyu.com/00001554/

At Tsutsujitei, you can enjoy the supreme kaiseki cuisine that only a ryotei ryokan can offer.
Kaiseki cuisine at Tsutsujitei is made from fresh, seasonal, and carefully selected ingredients, and the flavors of
these ingredients are preserved without destroying them.
The monthly menu changes with each month, as one would expect from a ryotei ryokan.
Breakfast is the last hospitality we can offer to our guests.
It is sure to start your day with a sense of fullness in your mouth.

Tsutsujitei Basic Information

Facility Name Tsutsujitei
Address 639-1, Kusatsu-cho, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma 377-1700
Phone number 0279-88-9321
Budget From 71.000 yen for 2 adults
Official Site https://tsutsujitei.co.jp/


How was it?
Here we introduced Tsutsujitei.
Tsutsujitei is a ryotei ryokan with only 10 guest rooms on an area of 5,000 tsubo (approximately 1,000 square meters).
The inn offers casual hospitality, sophisticated space, and delicious meals.
How about a wonderful stay that will warm your body and soul?