Yunoyado Joetsukan, a ryokan with five guest rooms, is nestled by the Tone River.
The inn is popular for its high quality service and hospitality, such as its onsen, individually prepared kaiseki
cuisine, and the magnificent view from the guest rooms.
Here we introduce the charm of Yunoyado Joetsukan.

Location of Yunoyado Joetsukan

Yunoyado Joetsukan
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Located in the northern part of Gunma Prefecture, Mizukami Hot Spring Resort is easily accessible from the Tokyo
metropolitan area.
One of them, “Yunoyado Joetsukan” in Unose Onsen is located in a beautiful mountainous area about 3 km upstream along
the Tone River from Mizukami Onsen.
At the foot of Mt. Tanigawa, Yunoyado Joetsukan stands as if blending in with the natural scenery and the beautiful
flow of the Tone River.
This homelike inn with a total of 5 rooms allows guests to feel close to the rich nature of fresh greenery, natural
fireflies, autumn leaves, and snowy landscapes in each season.

Attractions of Yunoyado Joetsukan

Yunoyado Joetsukan
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The private open-air baths to be enjoyed while viewing fireflies are an attraction of Joetsu-kan.
There are two indoor hot springs and one outdoor hot spring in a separate open-air bath.
Both baths are available for private use, so you can enjoy the hot spring baths without worrying about other guests.
The “Firefly” open-air bath, which overlooks the Tone River, is available by reservation only.
In early summer, you can soak in the hot spring while watching fireflies, which is sure to be a healing experience.
The simple hot spring water is soft to the touch and does not irritate the skin, so even those with sensitive skin can
bathe with peace of mind.

Rooms at Yunoyado Joetsukan

Odamaki Tatami room + Ensuite

Yunoyado Joetsukan
Pretty Yanagi Wakamuro

Yunoyado Joetsukan
Fukujuso Japanese/Western style room + bed space

Yunoyado Joetsukan
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Yunoyado Joetsukan Cuisine

Yunoyado Joetsukan

Yunoyado Joetsukan

Yunoyado Joetsukan
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Dinner is a kaiseki meal featuring local rockfish, Jyoshu beef, seasonal vegetables, etc. Breakfast is a choice of
Japanese or Western cuisine.
Enjoy your meal in a private room or at the counter with a view.
In spring, you can enjoy junnai (a type of Japanese mustard), in summer, iwa-oki oysters and live sweetfish, and in
fall and winter, salmon and albacore.
You can enjoy seasonal bounty according to the season, so it is a good idea to visit for dining pleasure.

Yunoyado Joetsukan Basic Information

Facility Name Yunoyado Joetsukan
Address 794 Oana, Minakami-cho, Tone-gun, Gunma 379-1727
Phone number 0278-72-2216
Budget 2 persons/night: from 64.000 yen
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How was it?
Here we introduced Yunoyado Joetsukan.
Surrounded by beautiful nature, Yunoyado Joetsukan offers seasonal meals.
It is the kind of inn that you will want to visit in different seasons.