Kami-suwa Onsen is located on the south side of Lake Suwa, the largest lake in Shinshu, and has long flourished as the gate town of Suwa-taisha Shrine.
The relaxing Suwa-no-Yuyado Esuzu Suwa-ko is located in a corner of this area.
Here we introduce the charms of the Suwa-no-Yuyado SUI SUWAKO, a relaxing hot-spring resort.

Location of SUI SUWAKO

Location of SUI SUWAKO
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The “Suwa-no-Yuyado Suwako” is located right in front of Lake Suwa, about 5 minutes from JR Kamisuwa Station by the inn’s shuttle bus.
Passing through a gate made of old folk tools, guests enter through a stone-paved approach to the entrance.
The entire floor of the inn is covered with tatami mats, and once you step inside, you will smell the faint aroma of lint.
Aiming for simplicity, the walls are plastered, and acoustically aged wood is used for the flooring.
The interior is made by Kashiwa Wood Works in Hida Takayama, and the inn’s attention to detail is evident in every detail.

Attractions of SUI SUWAKO

Location of SUI SUWAKO
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The attraction is the open-air bath with a spectacular view that seems to become one with Lake Suwa.
The rooftop bath overlooking Lake Suwa is a mixed bathing experience where men and women change into bathing suits in separate changing rooms.
It is named “Watarazuku” after the myth of the Kamisuwa hot spring.
The view from the changing area is overwhelming, but when you soak in the bathtub, the surface of the water and the surface of Lake Suwa become one, giving you a strange sensation as if you are floating on the lake.
In the evening, the surface of the water turns red and you can enjoy a fantastic moment watching the sun set over Suwa Lake.
A more special experience is available only from late July to late August.
Bath time with a view of fireworks over Suwa Lake every day for about a month is truly a luxury.
Surrounded by mountains on all sides, the sound of the fireworks is so powerful that it reverberates off the mountains and echoes to the core of your body.


Standard type guest room with open-air bath on the 2nd floor 202

Komakusa Guest room with open-air hot spring bath, Standard type, 3rd floor, 302

Source : https://www.ikyu.com/00002345/




Source : https://www.ikyu.com/00002345/

Dinner is the “Atsumi-no-zen,” a meal of delicious ingredients from all over Japan, mainly from Shinshu, cooked with Suwa’s local sake, miso, soy sauce, and other seasonings.
We are particular about not only the ingredients but also the seasonings.
Enjoy your meal with a glass of Shinshu sake.
The “Seasonal Earthen Pot Rice” is one of the inn’s most popular dishes, and can be said to be the inn’s specialty, even though it is the last dish of the day.
The ingredients change with the seasons, so you will want to visit at different times of the year.

SUI SUWAKO Basic Information

Facility Name SUI SUWAKO
Address 2-5-27 Kogan Dori, Suwa City, Nagano, 392-0027 Japan
Phone number 0266-58-3434
Budget From 69.000 yen for 2 adults
Official Site https://www.sui-suwako.jp/


How was it?
Here we have introduced the relaxing Suwa-no-Yuyado, SUI SUWAKO.
The Suwako Suwa Lake is a beautiful lake with a beautiful view, and the Suwako Hot Spring is a perfect place to relax and unwind.
The Suwa-no-Yuyado Suwako is a gentle inn that will make you realize the preciousness of spending time with your loved ones.