Naraijuku, the longest inn town in Japan with a history of 400 years, still retains the atmosphere of those days.
The former Sugi no Mori Sake Brewery, the symbol of the town, and the former residence of the “Kyokumono” craftsmen, the main industry of Naraijuku during the Edo period (1603-1868), and recently the former Toyo Iide Inn, which flourished as an inn, are still standing.
The two buildings of the former Toyo Iide Inn, which began as the residence of “Kyokumono” craftsmen who were the main industry of Naraijuku in the Edo period and flourished as an inn in recent years, have been taken over as BYAKU’s inn this time.
Here we introduce the charms of BYAKU Narai.

Location of BYAKU Narai

Location of BYAKU Narai
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The overhangs of the beams, the white plaster udatsu, the beautiful latticework, and the eaves lights of the inns. As you can see when you actually walk along the street, the beautiful wooden buildings go on and on until you cannot see the end of the street, even though it is in the mountains.
The street is more than 1 km long and was so crowded that it was called “Narai Senken” in those days.
The townscape, which still retains strong traces of its prosperity, has been selected as an “Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings.
BYAKU Narai,” which opened in August 2021, is a complex of two 200-year-old private homes that have been renovated to provide a variety of functions.
The “former Sugi no Mori Sake Brewery,” a symbol of Naraijuku, has been renovated and renamed “Toshikiya,” and houses eight guest rooms, a sake brewery, a restaurant, a bar, and hot spring facilities.
The front desk is also located here. The front desk is also located here.

Attractions of BYAKU Narai

Attractions of BYAKU Narai
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The charm of BAYAKUnarai is that you can stay while feeling the history.
For example, “Hyakushichi,” which used to be a storehouse of lacquer ware, is a maisonette type.
The interior is also decorated with black lacquer, creating a chic atmosphere.
In the past, the main industry of Narai-juku was the crafting of lacquerware.
The former residence of these craftsmen was renovated and turned into “Ueharaya,” which has four guest rooms and a gallery.
The “Hyakuju” room has an outstanding presence of beams that have survived the times.
Facing the main street, “109” is 72 square meters in size. There are two bedrooms.
The spacious layout is aided by the openness of the atrium.
The “Toshikichiya” and “Ueharaya” are about a three-minute walk apart, and you will have to go back and forth every time you have a meal or take a bath.
But it is only by walking that you will discover things here and there! That is the real pleasure of a decentralized hotel.

Rooms at BYAKU Narai

Annex – Ueharaya Hyakku / Feel the shadows, mise-en-scene space / with half-open-air bath

Rooms at BYAKU Narai
Annex, Ueharaya Hyakuju / Feel the rhythm of the beams / with a half open-air bath

Rooms at BYAKU Narai
Main building, Toshiyoshiya Hyakushichi / Separated warehouse touching black lacquer / with half-open-air bath

Rooms at BYAKU Narai
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BYAKU Narai Cuisine

BYAKU Narai Cuisine

BYAKU Narai Cuisine

BYAKU Narai Cuisine
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Meals are served at the restaurant “嵓 kura” in “Toshiyoshiya”.
The cuisine is supervised by one of Japan’s top chefs, Zaisuke Hasegawa of Den in Jimbocho, Tokyo.
Dinner is a “new local cuisine,” so to speak, with a course of rare local brand beef and seasonal wild vegetables. It is not fancy, but it is something you can only experience if you come here.
Breakfast, which consists mainly of side dishes prepared by local mothers, can be served in your room.
The breakfast is delivered in a bent-wood container, so you can taste the whole dish.

BYAKU Narai Basic Information

Facility Name BYAKU Narai
Address 551-3 Narai, Shiojiri-shi, Nagano 399-6303, Japan
Phone number 0264-34-3001
Budget 2 persons/night: from 53.000 yen
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Here we have introduced you to BYAKUNarai.
BYAKU Narai is an inn that can be enjoyed in a hundred different ways by a hundred different people.
This inn will allow you to experience the charm of Narai-juku more deeply.